Nuestra misión es reducir la pobreza y mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas, creando y difundiendo evidencia rigurosa sobre qué políticas públicas y programas sociales realmente funcionan. Esto lo hacemos a través de investigación, incidencia en política pública y capacitación.

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Resources for measuring precise and accurate outcomes in randomized evaluations

The repository is a collection of resources that introduce the measurement issues, tools, and innovations in a specific topic or question type. It is a companion piece to our Introduction to measurement and indicators and Survey design pages, compiling resources that discuss and provide guidance on...

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Energy poverty in Europe: Using evidence to address an urgent challenge

The impacts of Covid-19, coupled with the war in Ukraine, have made households in Europe more susceptible to energy poverty, particularly as people are bracing themselves for the cold winter months to come. Yet, income losses during the pandemic and rising energy prices in response to European...

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J-PAL expands evidence-to-policy government partnerships to fight poverty worldwide in collaboration with Community Jameel, Co-Impact

In August, we announced a significant expansion of our efforts to forge evidence-to-policy partnerships with innovative-minded governments seeking to use rigorous research to inform their social policies and programs. 

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Datos transparentes y accesibles: extrabajadora de J-PAL colaboró ​​en innovador acercamiento entre gobierno de Chile e investigadores

Los datos transparentes y accesibles pueden ser vitales para que las y los investigadores contribuyan a desarrollar políticas basadas en evidencia. En Chile, el Estado implementó una innovación pública para avanzar en este sentido. Amanda Dawes, extrabajadora de J-PAL Latinoamérica y el Caribe (LAC)...