Economics of Decarbonization Working Group Inaugural Convening

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50 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142 - MIT Samberg Conference Center, Dining Rooms 3&4
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J-PAL North America's Environment, Energy, and Climate Change (EECC) team is launching a series of researcher convenings with the goal of coordinating the efforts of researchers to develop a coordinated evidence base (experimental and non-experimental) that will inform carbon mitigation efforts in the United States and other OECD countries. The first convening took place in Cambridge, MA on the MIT campus directly following the NBER SI 2023 Environmental & Energy Economics ConferenceThis convening was co-hosted by the J-PAL King Climate Action Initiative (K-CAI) and J-PAL affiliate Peter Christensen (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign). 

Inaugural Convening: Objectives
  1. Showcase experimental and non-experimental research currently being conducted on the economics of decarbonization with a focus on OECD countries. This is an opportunity to discuss research on a range of topics including behavioral mechanisms, welfare impacts/cost-effectiveness, and distributional implications of different programs.
  2. Discuss and define a coordinated agenda for research that can inform the implementation of decarbonization policies and programs in the coming decades. There will be an opportunity for participants to co-author an article for Science or Nature that frames this research agenda in the coming 12–18 months.

Through a complementary effort, J-PAL North America will provide training in 2023-2024 to a cohort of climate policy teams from state and local government agencies to provide a foundation for understanding program evaluation through the design and implementation of field experiments. J-PAL plans to then hold matchmaking convenings throughout 2023–2025 for researchers and this cohort of policymakers to create opportunities to evaluate programs that will be implemented over the next 1–3 years. 

Download Inaugural Convening Agenda
Economics of Decarbonization Working Group Series Timeline 
  • Inaugural Convening (July 2023)
    • Objectives: Showcase decarbonization research and discuss development of coordinated research agenda
    • Participants: Economic researchers
  • LEVER Researcher and Practitioner Matchmaking Event (winter 2024)
    • Objectives: Provide opportunities for researchers and government leaders and staff to connect and share ideas about evaluation opportunities.
    • Participants: Economic researchers and state and local climate team staff
  • Second Convening (July 2024)
    • Objectives: Convene cohort of researchers co-authoring decarbonization research agenda article to discuss draft manuscript 

    • Participants: Economic researchers

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