Humanitarian Protection Initiative Scholars Information Session

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Children playing basketball Danish Refugee Council
Youth play sports in an after-school center that promotes refugee youth’s holistic well-being in Ethiopia’s Kule refugee camp.
Photo by Eduardo Soteras Jalil, © European Union, 2022 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0 (

The Humanitarian Protection Initiative (HPI) is a research initiative focused on research questions on how to effectively improve humanitarian protection outcomes by keeping those who are affected by armed conflict safe from violence, coercion and deliberate deprivation while ensuring their dignity and rights. 

HPI aims to create more opportunities for researchers based in or from low- or middle- income countries (LMIC). Through the HPI Scholars Program, we will make funding and mentoring opportunities available to researchers interested in conducting randomized impact evaluations that fall within HPI’s scope. These opportunities are designed for researchers who hold a PhD, whose primary affiliation is with a university, who are based in or from an LMIC and who are not yet part of J-PAL’s network. 

Please join our HPI Scholars Program launch webinar on March 6 at 2pm GMT/9am ET, we outline HPI’s scope and Request for Proposals (RFP) timelines, Scholars Program details, and tips for applying for funding from HPI.

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