Lecciones de Evidencia en Mercados Laborales

El sector de Mercados Laborales de J-PAL se centra en ayudar a las personas a acceder a un trabajo de calidad. Nuestras lecciones de la evidencia resume las lecciones generales de las evaluaciones aleatorias sobre cómo reducir las barreras de búsqueda para quienes buscan empleo.

Marianne Bertrand (Booth School of Business de la Universidad de Chicago) and Bruno Crépon (ENSAE y École Polytechnique), Co-Chairs del sector Mercados Laborales

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Changing resumes to reduce hiring discrimination

Last updated: February 2019
Randomized evaluations show strong evidence of hiring discrimination against minority and underrepresented groups in many countries, with most evidence so far coming from developed countries. Where it has been tested using randomization, removing identifying information on job applications had...

Business Training and Consulting Management practices are thought to play an important role in firm growth, and giving firm owners access to subsidized business training services and consulting could be one way to support their growth. Business training programs tend to teach standard best practices in a classroom setting, such as record keeping and conducting market research, while consultants work closely with firms to identify areas for potential improvement and to support the implementation of recommended actions.

Teaching business skills to support microentrepreneurs

Last updated: December 2019
Business skills training programs increased microentrepreneurs’ use of business best practices, but in most cases, there were no significant changes in their profits.

Sector Chairs

Co-Chair, Labor Markets

Member, Executive Committee

Chris P. Dialynas Professor of Economics

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Scientific Director, J-PAL Middle East and North Africa

Co-Chair, Labor Markets


ENSAE and École Polytechnique

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Policy Associate, J-PAL Global

Lisa Corsetto

Policy Manager, J-PAL Global