Lecciones de Evidencia en Medio Ambiente, Energía, y Cambio Climático

El sector de J-PAL en Medio Ambiente, Energía, y Cambio Climático se centra en el acceso a la energía, la reducción de la contaminación y del cambio climático. Nuestras lecciones de la evidencia a continuación resumen los hallazgos emergentes de evaluaciones aleatorias sobre el impacto de las comparaciones sociales en el consumo de agua y energía en el hogar.

Michael Greenstone (University of Chicago) y Kelsey Jack (University of California, Santa Barbara), Co-Chairs del sector Medio Ambiente, Energía, y Cambio Climático 

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Biomass cookstoves to reduce indoor air pollution and fuel use

Last updated: October 2020
Despite their positive results in the lab, biomass cookstoves designed to reduce smoke exposure and/or increase fuel efficiency did not substantially improve health in several randomized evaluations in the real world. Many people did not want to buy or maintain them, did not use them enough, and...

Encouraging residential energy efficiency

Last updated: November 2019
Programs that encouraged investments in residential energy efficiency had limited returns in several impact evaluations in real-world settings. Relatively small impacts on energy savings coupled with low take-up meant that encouraging these investments through information campaigns and subsidies was...

Reducing energy and water use through information and social comparisons

Last updated: April 2018
Providing people with information about their energy or water use compared to their neighbors and tips about how to conserve consistently reduced consumption by small amounts in many contexts.

Sector Chairs

Co-Chair, Environment, Energy, and Climate Change

Milton Friedman Professor of Economics

University of Chicago

Kelsey Jack

Co-Chair, Environment, Energy, and Climate Change

Member, Executive Committee

Associate Professor

University of California Santa Barbara

Sector Contacts

Senior Policy Associate, J-PAL Global

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Policy Associate, J-PAL Global

Headshot of Andrea Cristina Ruiz

Policy Manager , J-PAL Global

Associate Director of Policy, J-PAL Global