Rohini Pande

رئيس مشارك, Political Economy and Governance

J-PAL Affiliated Professor

Professor of Economics and Director of Economic Growth Center

Yale University

Rohini Pande is is the Henry J. Heinz II Professor of Economics and Director of the Economic Growth Center at Yale University and Co-Chair of J-PAL's Political Economy and Governance sector. She is a co-editor of American Economic Review: Insights. Her research focuses on the economic analysis of the politics and consequences of different forms of redistribution, principally in developing countries. She is interested the role of public policy in providing the poor and disadvantaged political and economic power, and how notions of economic justice and human rights can help justify and enable such change. In 2022, she was awarded the the Infosys Prize in Social Sciences.

Rohini has served as a lecturer at J-PAL training events and on J-PAL's Governance Initiative (GI) Review Board.