Lecciones de la Evidencia en Agricultura

El sector de Agricultura de J-PAL se enfoca en mejorar los sistemas agrícolas de los países en desarrollo. A continuación, nuestras lecciones de la evidencia muestran los aprendizajes generados a través de evaluaciones aleatorizadas sobre cómo proporcionar crédito e información a los pequeños agricultores y protegerlos de los riesgos.

Craig McIntosh (Universidad of California, San Diego) y Tavneet Suri (MIT Sloan School of Management), Co-Chairs del sector Agricultura

farmers in a field
Photo: Tom Gilks | J-PAL

Facilitating savings among smallholder farmers to smooth or increase consumption

Last updated: May 2019
Offering savings products to smallholder farmers did not transform agricultural investment or output in six studies in sub-Saharan Africa. In a few cases, savings products sometimes benefited farmers by providing a form of risk protection and by helping them smooth consumption over time.

Agricultural information and extension services

Last updated: April 2018
Agricultural information and extension services in developing countries can be improved by adapting the pedagogical model, using information and communications technology (ICT) to reach farmers directly with more tailored and timely information, incentivizing trainers based on learning outcomes, and...

Credit's limited impact on smallholder farm profitability

Last updated: April 2018
Increasing access to traditional microcredit has had limited impacts on smallholder farmers’ profitability in randomized evaluations in developing countries. Demand for new offers of credit was low, ranging from 17 to 33 percent, and even when farmers used traditional credit products to invest in...

Protecting farmers from weather-based risk

Last updated: February 2016
Weather index insurance protects farmers against losses due to extreme weather and facilitates investments in their farms, but low demand for these products at market prices suggests the need for alternative approaches to protecting farmers from weather-based risk in developing countries.

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