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What have we learned about building a culture of data and evidence use in government?

Drawing on many examples from the LAC region, J-PAL’s Government Partnership Initiative shares insights on how governments are building a culture of using data and evidence in policymaking and about how J-PAL and other evidence-to-practice organizations can best support them in these efforts.
Manishah Shah

Affiliate spotlight: Manisha Shah on her research on adolescent sexual and reproductive health

J-PAL affiliated professor Manisha Shah (University of California, Los Angeles) studies interventions that seek to slow the transmission of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. Learn more about her research and her experiences as a development economist, from conducting surveys in...

Using evidence to improve open government initiatives

J-PAL Southeast Asia Executive Director Lina Marliani shares examples from J-PAL affiliated researchers’ work to highlight how randomized evaluations can be used to inform open governance programs.

Increasing the use of data and evidence in real-world policy: Stories from J-PAL’s Government Partnership Initiative

At J-PAL, we often talk about the importance of using evidence to design and implement effective policies and programs, and many governments are working to make it a priority. But what does this look like in practice? How can we best support governments in finding and applying the evidence they need...

Meet our new executive director

Iqbal Dhaliwal is the new executive director of J-PAL, succeeding Rachel Glennerster, who has joined DFID as its chief economist. Earlier Iqbal was deputy executive director, and prior to that, founding director of J-PAL's policy group. Learn more about Iqbal's background and vision for J-PAL's...