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Meet our new executive director

Iqbal Dhaliwal is the new executive director of J-PAL, succeeding Rachel Glennerster, who has joined DFID as its chief economist. Earlier Iqbal was deputy executive director, and prior to that, founding director of J-PAL's policy group. Learn more about Iqbal's background and vision for J-PAL's...
Group of women sit on an outdoor porch while a woman takes notes

Ten years of rigorous research and policy impact in South Asia

Growing from just a few research assistants in Delhi and a lean support team in Chennai in 2007 to more than 175 staff across nine field offices today, the J-PAL South Asia team is filling critical evidence gaps and building the capacity of governments and civil society organizations to create...

Celebrating Chile's inaugural Giving Tuesday with Dean Karlan

Philanthropy in Chile is at a pivotal moment. A recent study by the Philanthropy and Social Investments Center at the Adolfo Ibáñez University suggests that philanthropists are transitioning away from actions that are purely charitable to actions that are more strategic.

Tackling crime and violence in Latin America with cognitive behavioral therapy

Developing new strategies to reduce crime and violence is a top priority for Latin American policymakers. Much of the violence in the region affects young men as both victims and perpetrators.

The potential for evidence-based policymaking in the Middle East and North Africa: Answering frequently asked questions

In November, J-PAL Director Abhijit Banerjee delivered a public lecture at the American University in Cairo as part of J-PAL’s broader efforts to engage policymakers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Watch the full video and learn more about J-PAL's work in the region.