J-PAL initiatives concentrate funding and other resources around priority topics for which rigorous policy-relevant research is urgently needed. 

Each initiative identifies key gaps in the evidence; funds cutting-edge research; and supports policy engagement to share results and scale up effective programs.

government building

State and Local Innovation Initiative

Proposal Due: July 17, 2020
A child's blood is collected in a microcuvette

Cash Transfers for Child Health Initiative

Proposal Due: August 14, 2020
Women sitting down in a row

Gender and Economic Agency Initiative

Proposal Due: August 3, 2020
Health care workers filling out forms

US Health Care Delivery Initiative

Proposal Due: August 28, 2020
A woman wearing PPE works at a farmer's market.

COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Initiative

Proposal Due: October 9, 2020
No active RFP cycles
teacher holding book up in front of students

European Social Inclusion Initiative

Proposal Due: October 30, 2020
man in courtroom

Crime & Violence Prevention

No active RFP cycles
a man working on a machine

Work of the Future Initiative

No active RFP cycles
policemen holding shields

Crime and Violence Initiative

No active RFP cycles
election officials with ballot papers in a polling station

Governance Initiative

No active RFP cycles
A woman reaches for a can on a shelf.

Jobs and Opportunity Initiative

No active RFP cycles
Indian girls waiting in line

Post-Primary Education Initiative

No active RFP cycles
Buildings in North America

Social Policy Research Initiative

No active RFP cycles
garbage truck in Kathmandu, Nepal

Urban Services Initiative

No active RFP cycles
 J-PAL staff and members of the government of Tamil Nadu sign an MoU

Government Partnerships Initiative

No active RFP cycles
A man baking croissants

Skills for Youth Program

No active RFP cycles