Gender and Economic Agency Initiative

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J-PAL’s Gender and Economic Agency (GEA) Initiative funds randomized evaluations of strategies to enhance women’s economic agency.  

GEA aims to build a strong body of evidence on policies and programs to promote women’s work and enhance women’s economic agency in East Africa and South Asia. GEA works to develop policy-relevant insights from this research to drive programming, strategies, and policymaking on women’s work in both formal and informal employment. In addition, as there is a growing need to identify and test key indicators for women’s empowerment and agency, GEA seeks to enhance the availability and scale of improved metrics for these outcomes.

GEA prioritizes developing research on three themes: 

  1. Workplace arrangements and labor policies to promote formal and informal employment for women
  2. Enhancing women’s labor potential and work readiness (including self-employment)
  3. Addressing restrictive gender norms and attitudes related to women’s work

Key Facts

J-PAL Global
  • Research RFP: Open
Open to J-PAL affiliated professors and GEA invited researchers
[email protected]


For Researchers

Request for Proposals

GEA is accepting off-cycle proposals related to COVID-19. J-PAL affiliates and GEA invited researchers are eligible to apply, while priority will be given to untenured professors and PhD students. Applications are due by August 3. 

Initiative Staff

Mikaela Rabb, Policy Associate

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