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Policy Issue

Éducation, Santé

After the Transfers Stop

Karen Macours

Cash transfers directed to female caregivers in Nicaragua led to gains in child-development outcomes that persisted beyond the duration of the program.

Éducation, Santé, Économie Politique Gouvernance

Community Grants for the Next Generation

Benjamin Olken

Community block grants improved health and education in Indonesian villages, and adding performance incentives sped up improvements in health.

Marché du Travail, Économie Politique Gouvernance

Strengthening State Capabilities

Frederico Finan, Martín Rossi

Offering higher wages for public service positions in Mexico attracted smarter, more experienced applicants with a greater motivation for public service.
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Insuring the Uninsured

Amy Finkelstein, Katherine Baicker

The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment found that covering the uninsured with Medicaid increased the use of health care, including primary care, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits; diminished financial strain; and reduced depression. There was no statistically significant impact on physical health measures, employment, or earnings.


Innovation, Inclusion and Trust: The Role of Non-Profit Organizations in Microfinance

Dean Karlan

If microcredit, as traditionally implemented, is being done just as well by for-profits, where to for non-profits? Dean Karlan lays out three important roles that non-profits can play in the financial inclusion arena.

Environnement & Énergie, Économie Politique Gouvernance

Truth-Telling in Third-Party Audits

Esther Duflo, Michael Greenstone, Rohini Pande, Nick Ryan

Changing the market for environmental audits to incentivize accurate reporting in Gujarat, India made auditors more likely to report the truth about industrial plants’ pollution levels. In response, industrial plants polluted less.


Informing Future Choices

Claudia Martínez

In Chile, showing eighth grade students a video about financial aid for higher education resulted in increased school attendance and increased enrollment in college-preparatory schools, but not in higher grades.
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