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Salud, Mercado Laboral, Educación, Finanzas

Preventing Homelessness Among Youth and Families with Children

David Phillips, James Sullivan

Researchers are evaluating the impact of case management and immediate financial assistance compared to only financial assistance on housing and health outcomes for youth and families with children.

Economía Política y Gobernabilidad

Informing Policy with Research in Brazil

Gautam Rao , Jonas Hjort, Diana Moreira, Juan Francisco Santini

Despite the widespread growth in the number of randomized evaluations conducted, there has been little rigorous research on their potential to influence actual policy decisions. Policymakers were willing to pay for research findings and to subsequently update their beliefs. Those who were invited to an information session on a simple, evidence-informed policy to increase tax compliance were more...

Economía Política y Gobernabilidad

Identifying the Effects of Working while in School in Uruguay

Thomas Le Barbanchon, Diego Ubfal , Federico Araya

Working while studying has the potential to improve youth skills and employability, but might also deter students from reaping the full benefits of education if they have less time available for studying.The program increased both participants’ earnings and school enrollment, and earnings were still higher four years after the program. The participants’ work experience accounted for the improved...

Young girls walking from school


The Impact of a School-Based Management Program on Student Performance in Mexico

Paul Gertler , Vicente Garcia-Moreno, Harry Anthony Patrinos

Researchers conducted a randomized evaluation to determine the effect of a school-based management program, Programa Escuelas de Calidad, on student performance in Mexico. The program combined a cash grant with state support to design and carry out school improvement plans. The intervention did not have any effect on school performance after one year.

Food market in Malawi


The Impact of Existing Account Usage on the Likelihood of Switching Accounts in Malawi

Jessica Goldberg , Xavier Giné

Researchers partnered with a local bank to learn how customers chose between two account types—an account that had been offered for many years, which carried high monthly fees but no individual transaction costs, or a new type of account that charged for each withdrawal but did not impose monthly maintenance fees. Customers without an existing account recognized the advantages of the new type of...


The Impact of Financial Incentives for Traditional Birth Attendants on Postnatal Care Use in Nigeria

Margaret McConnell, Jessica Cohen , Adanna Chukwuma, Chinyere Mbachu, Thomas Bossert

Researchers evaluated whether giving traditional birth attendants (TBAs) cash incentives for maternal postnatal referrals can increase uptake of skilled maternal postnatal care. Cash rewards increased referrals made by TBAs by 182 percent and more than tripled the proportion of clients that attended postnatal care.