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The Impact of Online Lesson Plans on Student Learning in the United States

Alexey Makarin
Researchers evaluated the impact of providing teachers with access to high-quality online lessons and implementation support on student achievement in mathematics. Providing teachers with access to the lessons, reminders, and implementation support significantly increased student achievement.

The Effects of a Gender-based Violence (GBV) Curriculum on GBV and Education in Mozambique

Sofia Amaral
Aixa Garcia-Ramos
Sarita Ore-Quispe
In Mozambique, researchers are evaluating the GBV and schooling impacts of implementing a GBV curriculum targeted at students.

Personalized Indoor Air Pollution Information and Wood Burning Practices in France

Coralie Chevallier
Rita Abdel Sater
Mathieu Perona
Researchers evaluated the impact of general and personalized information regarding the relationship between wood burning and indoor pollution on households’ knowledge of pollution and their pollution mitigation efforts. Both general and personalized information increased households’ awareness of...

School's Out: How Summer Youth Employment Programs Impact Academic Outcomes (in Boston)

Richard Paulsen
Researchers evaluated the impact of Boston’s Summer Youth Employment Program, which uses a lottery to provide youth with part-time work and skills training during the summer, on students’ educational outcomes. The program significantly increased high school graduation rates among participating...

Plugging the leaky bucket: Generating experimental evidence to support Indonesia's social protection reforms

Elan Satriawan
Sudarno Sumarto
Researchers partnered with the Government of Indonesia to measure the impact of replacing the delivery of their food assistance program from in-kind transfers to electronic vouchers on household welfare. The reform was more effective in delivering assistance to targeted beneficiaries and helped...

Impact Evaluation of a Microcredit Program in Morocco

Researchers estimated the impact of a microcredit program, which was randomly rolled out in rural areas of Morocco. Thirteen percent of the households in treatment villages took a loan, and none in comparison villages did. Among households identified as more likely to borrow, microcredit access led...

Can Devolving the Police Increase the State's Capacity to Provide Legal Protections

Jasper Cooper
Researchers are using a randomized evaluation in Papua New Guinea to study the impact of the Community Auxiliary Police (CAP), a program that devolves policing powers to carefully selected community members.

Harvesting Rainfall: Experimental Evidence from Cistern Deployment in Northeast Brazil

Distributing water cisterns in northeast Brazil led to fewer requests for private benefits from local politicians and fewer votes for incumbent mayors, who typically have more resources to engage in clientelism. Marco Gonzalez-Navarro and J-PAL's Latin America & Caribbean office are now working with...