Generating Evidence for Climate Action in Europe

A colorful sign at a bus stop warning people that wood burning emits more CO2 than road traffic
Reducing Wood-Fire Heating and Particle Pollution
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Europe is the third-largest CO2-emitting region in the world, and the effects of climate change are increasingly being felt both across the region and around the world. While a number of large-scale mitigation efforts urgently need to be taken to address the challenges of climate change, only few policies have been rigorously evaluated. European leaders in both the public and private sector need more evidence on which interventions are effective, both in terms of impact and cost. Understanding where, and why, limited resources should be directed to high-impact solutions is imperative if we are to successfully meet our targets.

King Climate Action Initiative

Climate change disproportionately affects people living in poverty and threatens to reverse decades of progress in global poverty alleviation. Leaders around the world need more evidence on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of technological and policy innovations in the real world to direct limited resources to solutions that address climate change and poverty.

The King Climate Action Initiative (K-CAI) at J-PAL designs, pilots, evaluates, and scales policy solutions at the nexus of climate change and poverty alleviation. K-CAI collaborates with policymakers, technology developers, and climate scientists to measure the real-world impacts of innovative policies and technologies and to catalyse the scale-up of climate solutions.

K-CAI in Europe

K-CAI Europe aims to create a playbook of dozens of cost-effective policy solutions in two focus areas: mitigation and pollution reduction. The former aims to reduce emissions to slow the pace of climate change, while the latter aims to reduce harmful carbon co-pollutants and improve public health. 

Get involved

J-PAL Europe is seeking implementing partners—such as governments, NGOs, multilateral organisations, and businesses—who are interested in either measuring the impact of their programmes through rigorous impact evaluations, or scaling-up proven effective innovations. Interested organisations can work closely with J-PAL affiliated researchers to either:

Conduct a randomised evaluation icon

Conduct a randomised evaluation of their programme. This will allow participating organisations to learn from and make use of the rigorous evidence they generated.

Leverage technical assistance icon

Leverage technical assistance from K-CAI in the scale-up of cost-effective, high-impact climate change programmes for implementing partners who already have existing rigorous evidence of the effectiveness of an intervention.

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For more information about how to partner with us on climate action in Europe, please contact Michael Braun.

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