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The Impact of Phone-based Job Search Assistance on Women's Economic Recovery From the Covid-19 Pandemic in Pakistan

Nivedhitha Subramanian
Kate Vyborny
The economic crisis resulting from COVID-19 is expected to affect women disproportionately. In Pakistan, researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation to test the impact of a job search assistance platform on men's and women’s return to searching for jobs and working during the COVID-19...

Unconditional Cash Transfers and Civic Engagement in Kenya

Michael Walker
Citizen participation in local civic affairs and in decision-making processes around village resources can be a way to align policies with local preferences, hold politicians accountable, and improve public service delivery. In rural Western Kenya, researchers are partnering with GiveDirectly to...

Sequencing Two Early Childhood Interventions Back-to-back in India

Britta Augsburg
Jere Behrman
Sally Grantham-McGregor
Marta Rubio-Codina
Exposure to poverty very early in life can harm individuals’ cognitive development. Interventions that promote early-life stimulation can counteract these deficits and lay a foundation for success throughout life. Researchers are evaluating the impact of immediately following up an early childhood...

Anonymity or Distance? Removing Obstacles to Youth Employment in Urban Ethiopia

Researchers evaluated and compared the impact of two different job search assistance policies on employment outcomes for young job seekers in Addis Ababa. Helping youth signal their skills to employers improved their earnings and job duration four years later, especially for youth who would usually...

School Fee Loans to Increase Students Educational Outcomes in Uganda

Researchers are evaluating the impact of a digital school fee loan, with and without a direct repayment incentive, on repayment rates, households’ well-being, and students’ educational outcomes.

The Impact of Job Networks on Women's Recruitment in Malawi

Researchers introduced a recruitment drive for a firm in Malawi to evaluate the impact of referral-based hiring on women’s employment at the company. Results from the randomized evaluation indicate that men systematically referred fewer women, and women’s referral of other qualified women was not...