Cash Transfers for Child Health Initiative

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Hosted by J-PAL South Asia at IFMR, the Cash Transfers for Child Health Initiative (CaTCH) seeks to improve child health by generating policy-relevant rigorous evidence on the design and delivery of cash transfer programs in India.

This initiative support is made possible with the generous support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

About the Initiative | People | How to Apply | Funded Projects | Cash Transfers Review Paper | Pay for Performance Review Paper

What does the Initiative focus on?

The initiative researches the impact of various cash transfer mechanisms that aim to improve child health. These transfers generally fall into three groups:

Unconditional cash transfers (UCTs), Conditional cash transfers (CCTs), and Pay for performance (P4P)

While cash serves as the primary means of transfer, CaTCH also looks at quasi-cash programs that provide cash alternatives, vouchers, or in-kind goods.

Child health indicators of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Infant mortality rates
  • Nutrition outcomes
  • Immunization completion rates
  • Anemia prevalence
  • Diarrhea incidence
  • Health service usage

How do we hope to improve child health?

The CaTCH initiative hopes to complete three important phases in systematically researching and informing policies on cash transfer programs targeted at health.

  1. The initiative has completed comprehensive reviews of existing evidence on 1) cash transfer programs, globally and in India, and 2) pay-for-performance incentives in low- and middle-income countries.  Using these reviews, the CaTCH team and J-PAL affiliates will identify key research gaps and potential government partners for collaboration. For more information, you can read the CaTCH review papers here: Cash Transfers Review Paper | P4P Review Paper
  2. Using CaTCH resources, the Initiative will hold a competitive request for proposals (RFP) to fund quality randomized evaluations and scoping pilots to help in the design and evaluation of government cash transfer programs targeted at health.
  3. The initiative will share findings and results with government partners and the development community to inform new policies that will improve cash transfer design.

For more information, please contact the initiative manager, Urvashi Wattal, at [email protected].