Achieving Food Security and Pathways for Improved Nutrition in India: Insights from Global Evidence

India Habitat Centre, New Delhi


As a part of the Evaluations Fest 2020 being organised by Evaluation Community of India, J-PAL/CLEAR South Asia is putting together a panel of presentations on 13th February 2020, between 2:00-3:30 pm at the India Habitat Centre (IHC), New Delhi, where representatives from government, research and J-PAL will discuss evidence on promising interventions to address Sustainable Development Goal #2 of ending global hunger, achieving food security and improved nutrition.

South Asia still faces one of the greatest hunger burdens, with over 15% of the population considered undernourished. In India, one in every 3 children under 5 is stunted and one in every 5 children wasted 1. New and better ways to think about global food and agricultural systems need to be devised to address this challenge. Apart from ensuring food security, addressing malnutrition requires efforts to bridge gaps in knowledge, nutrition practices, and sanitation as well.

Join us for a panel discussion that will bring together knowledge and perspectives from research and government on evidence-based strategies to achieve food security and improved nutrition. We will explore global evidence on the role of agricultural productivity in achieving food security, on interventions that seek to address behavioural and knowledge barriers to improved nutrition, and the link between sustainability in food production and achieving better nutrition outcomes.

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