Innovation, Data and Experiments in Education (IDEE)

The Innovation, Data and Experiments in Education (IDEE) programme helps education researchers produce actionable evidence in France by facilitating access to administrative data, providing research resources and measurement tools, and structuring partnerships with policy-makers and practitioners.

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IDEE is a long-term investment to develop the infrastructure for experimental research in education, aiming to make France a leader in the field. The IDEE consortium brings together a multidisciplinary group of leading researchers and labs from economics, sociology, psychology, educational sciences, and cognitive sciences, coordinated by the Ecole Normale Supérieure/PSL and led by J-PAL Europe at the Paris School of Economics. 

IDEE consists of three objectives:

Improving access to administrative data:
Promote and facilitate researchers’ secure access to administrative data on education in order to reduce data-collection costs and strengthen the impact of research in education.

Developing and sharing innovative tools and protocols for experimental research:
Purchase, develop, and document innovative measurement instruments, survey tools, resources for analysis, as well as legal and administrative protocols, in order to strengthen the quality and lower the cost of experimenting.

Building partnerships and strengthening capacities for experimental research:
Facilitate new links between education practitioners, policy makers, and researchers, and build their capacity to launch high-quality experimental research and use evidence in policy and practice.

The IDEE team stands ready to support researchers across the different steps leading to a high-quality experiment.

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IDEE is funded for a duration of 8 years (2021-2029) by the French National Research Agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, ANR) under the program "Investissements d'avenir" with the reference "ANR-21-ESRE-0034".

Key Facts


Sector: Education
Office: J-PAL Europe
Scientific Coordinator: Marc Gurgand / Director: Adrien Pawlik 


Strategic Development Manager: Lou Aisenberg

Research Manager: Clémence Lobut

Project Associate : Maya Pargade-Klitzke

Data Manager: Daniel Rakotomalala

Communications and Operations Associate : Myriam Bellil

Developer : Maéva Mollion

Research Associate: Alexandre Grellet 

Policy and Research Associate: Zahra Boudalaoui-Buresi

Participating Organisations

IDEE will run in partnership with the French Ministry of National Education (Direction de l'Évaluation, de la Prospective et de la Performance (DEPP)). It will be delivered by six research institutions:

  • Paris Sciences et Lettres, home to the Ecole normale supérieure (ENS) and its Department of Cognitive Sciences (DEC)
  • Paris School of Economics, home to J-PAL Europe
  • Sciences Po, home to the Laboratoire interdisciplinaire pour l’Evaluation des Politiques publiques (LIEPP)
  • Université Grenoble Alpes, and its Laboratoire de Recherche sur les Apprentissages en Contexte (LaRAC)
  • The Atomic Energy Commission, home to the NeuroSpin lab
  • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

IDEE’s strategic vision will be guided by a Steering Committee, which brings together members of all the key partners, under the scientific coordination of Marc Gurgand. IDEE’s activities will also be informed by a Data Users’ Committee.

In addition, IDEE will involve a broader network of French and international stakeholders interested in promoting experimental research in education.

Partnership Opportunities

There are several possibilities to get involved in strengthening the evidence base in education. For information on how to support and contribute, please contact: Adrien Pawlik and Lou Aisenberg.

If you want to know more about the Innovation, Data and Experiments in Education (IDEE) programme, please visit our dedicated website (in French only for now). 

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