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Raccordement à l’eau des ménages à Tanger, au Maroc

Les ménages de Tanger, au Maroc, acceptent volontiers de payer pour avoir l’eau courante. Tandis que ce raccordement à domicile n’a aucun impact sur les maladies liées à l'eau, le bien-être déclaré par les ménages augmente de façon significative.

Evidence-Based Medicine for Family Planning in Jordan

Marianne El-Khoury
Minki Chatterji
Nadia Al-Alawi
Shirin Al-Adwan
Soonie Choi
Researchers partnered with USAID to study the impact of Evidence-Based Medicine programs on changing family planning providers’ biases against injectable contraceptives. Overall, researchers found no change in provider practices and self-reported prescriptions.

Increasing Financial Inclusion among Religious Individuals in Jordan

Researchers partnered with Tamweelcom, a microcredit institution in Jordan, to estimate the demand for loans that comply with Islamic law (sharia-compliant loans).

The Impact of Exporting: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Egypt

Researchers partnered with Aid to Artisans (ATA), a US-based nonprofit, and Hamis Carpets, an Egypt-based distributor, to provide small-scale rug manufacturers the opportunity to export to high-income countries. Offering small firms the opportunity to export rugs to high-income markets increased...

Reducing Gender Differences in Financial Literacy and Confidence in Israel

Sumitra Jha
Moses Shayo
Researchers evaluated the impacts of increased exposure to financial markets on participants’ financial literacy and investment behavior in Israel, and found it reduced the gender gap in financial literacy and confidence.

Inter-religious Soccer Leagues to Promote Social Cohesion in Post-ISIS Iraq

Salma Mousa
Researchers evaluated the impact of mixed Christian-Muslim soccer teams on social cohesion and interactions between these groups in an ISIS-affected area of Iraq. Christians who played on mixed teams demonstrated a higher likelihood of engaging with Muslim teammates after the league ended, but the...

Subsidized Housing to Change the Economic Outcomes and Social Integration of Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Samuel Leone
Emma Smith
Sandra Rozo
Researchers are conducting a randomized evaluation of a subsidized housing assistance program for refugees in Jordan to assess its impact on their economic outcomes, psychological well-being, long-term migration decisions, and social integration into their host community.

Graduating Microenterprises to Larger Loans in Egypt

Previous research found that microcredit does not substantially improve borrowers’ income or social well-being, but less evidence exists on the impact of larger loans.