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Our experts are economists based at leading universities around the world who are united in their use of randomized evaluations to answer critical questions in the fight against poverty. Contact us and we'll help you find the right person to shed insight on your story.


Professor Craig McIntosh
University of California, San Diego

Professor Tavneet Suri
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Crime, Violence, and Conflict

Professor Chris Blattman
University of Chicago

Professor Oeindrila Dube
University of Chicago


Professor Rachel Glennerster
University of Chicago

Professor Karthik Muralidharan
University of California, San Diego

Professor Philip Oreopoulos
University of Toronto

Environment, Energy, and Climate Change

Professor Michael Greenstone
University of Chicago

Professor Kelsey Jack
University of California, Santa Barbara


Professor Emily Breza
Harvard University


Professor David Atkin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professor Jing Cai
University of Maryland


Professor Lori Beaman
Northwestern University

Professor Seema Jayachandran
Princeton University


Professor Joseph Doyle
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professor Pascaline Dupas
Stanford University

Professor Karen Macours
Paris School of Economics

Labor Markets

Professor Marianne Bertrand
University of Chicago

Professor Bruno Crépon
ENSAE and École Polytechnique

Political Economy and Governance

Professor Frederico Finan
University of California, Berkeley

Professor Rohini Pande
Yale University

Social Protection

Professor Benjamin A. Olken
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professor Rema Hanna
Harvard Kennedy School of Government

J-PAL media contacts

General inquiries

Eliza Keller, Communications Lead, [email protected]

J-PAL leadership

Iqbal Dhaliwal, J-PAL Global Executive Director, J-PAL South Asia Scientific Director, [email protected]

Alison Fahey, J-PAL Global Director of Policy and Communications, [email protected]

J-PAL Africa

David Sears, Interim Executive Director, [email protected]

J-PAL Europe

Cillian Nolan, Executive Director, [email protected]

J-PAL Latin America and the Caribbean

Paula Pedro, Executive Director, [email protected]

Claudia Macías, Deputy Executive Director, [email protected]

J-PAL Middle East and North Africa

Ahmed Elsayed, Interim Executive Director, [email protected]

J-PAL North America

Laura Feeney, Co-Executive Director, [email protected]

Vincent Quan, Co-Executive Director, [email protected]

J-PAL South Asia

Shobhini Mukerji, Executive Director, [email protected]

J-PAL Southeast Asia

Lina Marliani, Executive Director, [email protected]

John Floretta, J-PAL Global Deputy Executive Director, Director of Evidence to Scale, [email protected]

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