J-PAL's response to COVID-19

J-PAL has taken measures to ensure the safety of our communities and adapt our work to meet urgent policy needs. Read on for updates on how J-PAL is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about J-PAL’s immediate actions to protect our communities, please see this statement by J-PAL Global Executive Director Iqbal Dhaliwal. 

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted and transformed the lives of billions of people worldwide, with the impact disproportionately borne by marginalized communities and people experiencing poverty. 

As the scale of this tragedy became evident, J-PAL affiliated professors and staff jumped into action to launch new research and critically analyze the evidence base related to health behavior change, domestic violence, cash transfers, education, and more. With this analysis, we have been working closely with government partners to inform policy decisions with evidence. You can read more about our evidence synthesis work on this page. 

In addition to leveraging our existing evidence base, J-PAL regional offices have dedicated resources and research staff to conduct rapid response research. Results from this research are informing COVID-19 response and recovery policies and programs in India, Indonesia, and beyond. Our staff and affiliates are working to analyze the results of this research and will post those results publicly on our website once available.

In response to the pandemic, many J-PAL initiatives opened dedicated off-cycle funding rounds to fund new research on the impacts of innovative approaches to pandemic response. With this focus now embedded in regular cycle rounds, initiatives seek to fund rapid, useful, and responsible research that is relevant to COVID-19 response, mitigation, and recovery. J-PAL initiatives concentrate funding and other resources around priority topics for which rigorous policy-relevant research is urgently needed. 

We have also worked to take many of our trainings and course offerings online. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we transitioned our annual Evaluating Social Programs in-person course to a series of free, open-access webinars, drawing hundreds of participants. More recently, we relaunched our Innovations in Data Experimentation and Action (IDEA) Initiative Conference as a weekly series of webinars open to researchers, data practitioners, and students who work with or are interested in administrative data. See other upcoming events

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COVID-19 Off-Cycle Funding

Many of J-PAL’s initiatives opened dedicated off-cycle rounds using a simplified common application to generate rapid, useful and safe research that is relevant to COVID-19 response. As of September 21, 2020, J-PAL initiatives have received 59 off-cycle proposals and 5 regular cycle COVID-19-related proposals for a total of $3,038,059. We have funded 34 proposals for a total of $1,546,176. 

Initiative Proposals Received Amount Requested Proposals Funded Amount Funded
CaTCH 2 $39,251 2 $39,251
CRRI 1 $50,000 0 $0
CVI 7 $355,794 6 $263,905
DigiFI 3 $488,988 2 $373,231
GI* 1 $69,518 Under review  
IGI 12 $377,711 7 $179,172
JOI 22 $881,183 9 $371,729
PPE** 14 $677,733 9 $318,888
SPRI 2 $97,882 Under review  
Total 64 $3,038,059 34 $1,546,176

*Note: Three of PPE's proposals listed correspond to their regular Spring 2020 RFP. 

*Note: GI does not have an off-cycle COVID round.

We are also tracking external funding opportunities for COVID-19 response research. See the living document >

New RFP Deadlines

RFP Updated Proposal Deadline
Agricultural Technology Adoption Initiative (ATAI)* April 27, 2020
Crime & Violence Initiative (CVI) April 17, 2020
Digital Identification in Finance Initiative (DigiFI) April 17, 2020
Innovation in Government Initiative (IGI) May 1, 2020
Governance Initiative (GI)** April 17, 2020
Post-Primary Education Initiative (PPE) May 3, 2020
Reducing and Preventing Homelessness – Housing Stability Evaluation Incubator  May 4, 2020

*ATAI will only accept proposals from researchers that previously completed the pre-proposal form.

**Proposal applications for GI’s Conference Travel Grants program for the BREAD conference are now on hold, given the postponement of the BREAD conference.

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