J-PAL MENA Summer Intern

  • Egypt
Start Date (Earliest):

J-PAL MENA is hiring 9 summer interns across its different verticals. 6 interns will be assigned to the research vertical, 2 will be assigned to the policy vertical and 1 will be assigned to the capacity building vertical. Last day to apply is the 10th of June 2024. Late applications will be disregarded.

J-PAL MENA Research, Policy, and Capacity Building Interns’ Tasks -

Research Vertical Research Tasks:

  1. Material Preparation: Develop survey instruments and other project materials.
  2. Coding: Support data review, cleaning, and analysis, using statistical software.
  3. Field Coordination: Collaborate with local partners and assist in coordinating enumerator work.
  4. Research Writing: Assist with writing tasks, including formatting, editing literature reviews, reports, etc.
  5. Sector-Specific Work: Complete small research and writing tasks related to J-PAL MENA's specific sectors (Education, Environment, etc.). * Please note that coding skills (Stata/R) are a MUST for research interns. 

* Please note that coding skills (Stata/R) are a MUST for research interns. 

Policy Vertical Tasks:

  1. Policy Communication: Develop and disseminate communication materials (newsletters, blog posts, social media) to raise awareness and understanding of J-PAL MENA's policy work and its impact.
  2. Policy Research Support: Conduct literature reviews, synthesize research findings, and contribute to the development and implementation of education-focused projects relevant to policy goals.
  3. Policy Product Development: Utilize academic and professional experience to contribute to the creation of high-quality policy briefs, reports, and publications that are clear, readable, and accessible to diverse audiences.
  4. Policy Project Management: Support the organization and coordination of policy-related projects, manage work management tools, and provide administrative support for meetings, workshops, and events.
  5. Policy Stakeholder Engagement: Assist in building relationships with stakeholders (partners, policymakers) and responding to inquiries in a timely and professional manner.

Capacity Building Tasks:

  1. Training Development: Review J-PAL Global Training resources and identify adaptation opportunities for MENA capacity-building programs.
  2. Collaborate on developing engaging content and materials for training delivery.
  3. Training Delivery Support: Assist in delivering training programs, including logistics, participant management, and instructional support.
  4. Capacity Building Research: Conduct research on best practices for integrating new teaching techniques, technologies, and innovative methods into training delivery.
  5. Needs Assessment and Collaboration: Collaborate with requesting units to assess their capacity-building needs and develop targeted training programs.
  6. Training Evaluation and Reporting: Assist in evaluating the effectiveness of training programs through data collection, analysis, and reporting to ensure continuous improvement.

How to Apply

Please send your CV and cover letter to: [email protected] MUST specify in the email's subject the position you are applying to. Example: J-PAL MENA Summer Internship- Research Internship. Kindly note that emails sent without subject specification will be disregarded.