Fertility and Family Planning: Insights on Promoting Healthy Behaviors and Curbing Population Growth in Egypt

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to (7:00 to 9:00am EST)
Falaki Mainstage Theatre, AUC Tahrir Campus


Women and children smiling
Photo: Ahmed Mostafa | UNICEF

Please join us for the upcoming Global Evidence for Egypt spotlight seminar on fertility and family planning, which will focus on what global evidence tells us about promoting healthy behaviors and encouraging family planning to curb population growth in Egypt. This seminar is co-hosted by J-PAL Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at the American University in Cairo and UNICEF Egypt, supported by Allianz Egypt.

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This seminar is the fifth in the Global Evidence for Egypt Spotlight Series, which brings together Egyptian policymakers and researchers in the J-PAL network in a discussion about how to tackle priority policy issues in Egypt. During each seminar, policymakers highlight a particular development priority in Egypt, and researchers offer evidence-informed insights for improving policy and program design from a global perspective. Together, the panel of policymakers and researchers ground the evidence in the Egyptian context and explore possible policy solutions.

The event will foster a conversation on Egypt’s policy priorities and the relevant global evidence to provide insights on how we can promote healthy behaviors and encourage family planning in Egypt.


Dr. Tarek Tawfik
Deputy Minister of Health and Population for Population in Egypt 

Dr. Caroline Krafft 
Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Political Science at St. Catherine University

Frederika Meijer
UNFPA Representative in Egypt

Fazlul Haque
Deputy UNICEF Representative in Egypt

Dina Heikal
Social and Behavioral Change Officer at UNICEF Egypt

Alison Fahey (Moderator)
Executive Director of J-PAL MENA 

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