J-PAL at 20: Listening, Learning, Innovating

MIT Media Lab, 75 Amherst Street, Cambridge, MA (6th floor)
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In celebration of J-PAL's 20th anniversary, we brought together government and NGO partners, funders, researchers, and our leadership team from around the world to discuss pressing challenges facing social policy and international development and chart a path forward.

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Speakers include

Faiyaz Ahmed
Head of Content, Pratham

Gifty Amaney
Field Consultant, Innovations for Poverty Action

David Autor
Professor, MIT

Rukmini Banerji
Founder and CEO, Pratham

Maryann Broxton
Human rights activist

Tarun Chakraborty
Informal health care provider

Gregory Chen
Managing Director, BRAC

Abhijit Chowdhury
Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research, Kolkata

Jishnu Das
Professor, Georgetown University

Deborah Danso
Pharmacy Technician

Iqbal Dhaliwal
Global Executive Director, J-PAL

Esther Duflo
Co-Founder and Director, J-PAL; Professor, MIT

Pascaline Dupas
Co-Chair, J-PAL Health Sector; Professor, Princeton

Gita Gopinath
First Deputy Managing Director, IMF

Mark Gorenberg
Chair, MIT Corporation

Brigitte Hoyer Gosselink
Director of Product Impact, Google.org

Bengt Holmström
Professor Emeritus, MIT

Hindou Ibrahim
President, Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad

Seema Jayachandran
Co-Chair, J-PAL Gender Sector; Professor, Princeton

Hassan Jameel
Vice Chairman, Community Jameel

Kelsey Jack
Co-Chair, J-PAL Environment, Energy, and Climate Change Sector; Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

Dean Karlan
Professor, Northwestern

S. Krishnan
Secretary, Government of India Department of Information Technology

Tanmay Majumdar
Informal health care provider

Nuzhat Malik
Program Head, Pratham

Craig McIntosh
Professor, University of California, San Diego

James Mwenda
Entrepreneur and conservationist

Benjamin A. Olken
Co-Chair, J-PAL Social Protection Sector; Director, J-PAL; Professor, MIT

Stellina Pana
Field Consultant, Innovations for Poverty Action

William Parienté
Co-Chair, J-PAL Research, Education, & Training; Professor, Université Catholique de Louvain

Marcelo Rocha
Founder, A Banca

Janti Soeripto
CEO, Save the Children US

Ashleigh Stocton
East Tennessee Community Action Team Volunteer Community Lead, Save the Children Action Network

Ami Vitale
Award-winning photojournalist

Poppy Widyasari
Associate Director of Research, J-PAL Southeast Asia

How to get here

Find the MIT Media Lab on the MIT campus map.

Registration, plenary events, and the reception will take place at the MIT Media Lab. Afternoon convenings will take place at different locations on campus within close walking distance of the Media Lab.

Questions? Contact us.