Learning for All Initiative

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Teacher with children in a classroom.
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J-PAL's Education sector is launching the Learning for All Initiative! Join our webinar on Wednesday, February 1st at 9:00am ET/ 2:00pm UTC. We encourage those working in policy, government, non-profit, or foundations to attend this informational session on our newest initiative. 

The Learning for All Initiative (LAI) seeks to improve global learning outcomes for children in low- and middle-income countries by conducting research on how to increase foundational literacy, numeracy, and holistic skills for early childhood, primary, and lower-secondary students, with a focus on inclusion and marginalized children. LAI also seeks to bridge the gap between research and policy, supporting policymakers to use evidence in designing and scaling innovative education reforms.

Learn more about LAI and connect with the J-PAL Education team on February 1st at 9:00am ET/ 2:00pm UTC.

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