Towards more effective microfinance programs: Findings and policy lessons from an impact evaluation in Egypt

to (7:00 to 9:15am EDT)
Steigenberger Hotel Tahrir, Cairo


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J-PAL MENA and the Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (SFSD) will co-host an event on Sunday, September 12,  titled “Towards more effective microfinance programs: findings and policy lessons from an impact evaluation in Egypt.” The event will focus on what we can learn from a randomized evaluation conducted in Qena, Egypt about the impact of types of capital assistance on business and economic outcomes in Egypt. 

This event will share research results from a study conducted by J-PAL MENA, SFSD, and three microfinance institutions which measures the impact of providing loans, cash grants, or in-kind grants on microentrepreneurs’ business decisions, outcomes, and overall welfare. The event will disseminate the results of the study and help promote the integration of key findings into programs and policies in an effort to improve the effectiveness of microfinance programs implemented in Egypt. 

This event will feature Adam Osman (Co-Scientific Director, J-PAL MENA) who will present rigorous evidence on the impact of SFSD’s “Job Creation Competition” program. It will also feature Noura Selim (Executive Director, SFSD), and Alison Fahey (Interim Executive Director, J-PAL MENA). The event will be held in English and will include simultaneous interpretation to Arabic. The event will also adhere to Covid-19 protocols to ensure the safety and health of all attendees.