California Department of State Hospitals

The California Department of State Hospitals (DSH) is partnering with J-PAL North America to develop an impact evaluation of the Pre-trial Felony Mental Health Diversion Program, an intervention targeting individuals with serious mental illness who are likely to be found incompetent to stand trial. Participants would be diverted out of the criminal justice system and into wrap-around community treatment services. Historically, when a defendant’s competency is questioned by their defense attorney, prosecuting attorney, or judge, the individual’s court proceedings are suspended. If a defendant has committed a felony and is found Incompetent to Stand Trial (IST), they can receive treatment at a DSH facility. In the new felony pre-trial diversion program, approximately twenty counties will be receiving funding to offer diversion to some of these IST’s. The impact evaluation will measure the effect of the diversion programs on criminal justice and mental health outcomes.

RFP Cycle:
Request for Letters of Interest (Government-Facing) Spring 2019
United States of America
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