Dampening Natural Disasters' Disruptive Effects on Firms and Labor Markets

Despite growing evidence on the economic impacts of major natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes, there is still a dearth of evidence in the literature on "day-to-day" natural shocks such as harsher seasonal flooding. As climate change intensifies these regular events, understanding their impact, how governments and firms can invest in mitigation strategies, and how they can handle recovery and reconstruction will be key to preserving the functioning of labor markets in emerging economies. This project contributes to understanding how policies related to preventing such shocks affect job creation, the labor market, and the ability of firms to grow.

RFP Cycle:
JOI Brazil 2022 First Semester
  • Daniela Scur
  • Michael Best
  • Marina da Justa Lemos
  • Renata Lemos
  • Recurso para desenvolvimento de projetos