Debunking Misinformation to Foster Inclusion of Refugees: A Comprehensive Approach towards Integration and Empowerment

Misinformation is not just an information problem but an outcome of limited daily interactions between different societal groups, often contributing to the lessened political support of ingroups for outgroup integration. Conventional academic approaches that center on misinformation correction through fact-checking mechanisms have shown limited success. This research seeks to shift this focus, (1) exploring the role of improved intergroup contact between locals and refugees as a potential solution to correct misinformation and (2) ideologically aligned sources of fact-checking. The central research questions are: (1) Can augmenting daily interactions between groups not only mitigate the effects of misinformation but also bolster the political support of ingroups for the refugee integration policies and (2) Is misinformation more effectively corrected when the fact-checking source aligns with the ideological beliefs of the target audience and would it increase political support for refugee integration? This study aims to contrast the effects of misinformation correction strategies, amplified daily interactions and sources of correct information on the prevalence of misinformation and the integration of outgroups.

RFP Cycle:
RFP 22 Fall 2023
  • Pilot project