Improving Educational Achievements through Better Sleep Habits

The proposed study investigates how technology-assisted behavioral interventions can help individuals improve their sleep habits in order to improve educational outcomes. In prior work, we find that incentives for meeting sleep goals increase sleep and also find suggestive evidence that the incentives improve academic performance. Building on these findings, we will test the impact of the following interventions among 3,000 undergraduates: (1) Technology only and (2) Technology and Incentives. The Technology intervention aims to lower the costs of shifting and sustaining habits, including the costs of tracking sleep and remembering to go to bed on time. Through wearable technology (Fitbits) and a custom smartphone app, we will provide participants with reminders to go to bed and immediate feedback about sleep duration. The Technology and Incentives intervention aims to develop habits building on cue/reward models of habit formation. The Technology intervention will provide the cue to go to bed on time and sleep adequately; we will combine this with an associated reward (either Financial or Non-Financial) provided immediately each morning for meeting sleep goals. We will measure the impact of the interventions on sleep habits and academic performance.

RFP Cycle:
Ed Tech Off Cycle RFP [2018]
United States of America
  • Sally Sadoff
  • Kelly Hyde
  • Osea Giuntella
  • Silvia Saccardo
  • Zack Goodman
  • Full project