Lotteries of Temporary Housing Assistance during the Covid-19 Epidemic

This evaluation will build on existing evaluations of lotteried housing assistance during COVID19 in King Co. (WA) and Chicago (IL) to study the impact of temporary housing assistance in Los Angeles (CA) and Harris County (TX) for low-income households affected by the COVID-induced economic disruption. Los Angeles paid up to $2,000, sometimes toward the rent of lottery winners and sometimes directly to tenants. Harris County paid $1,200 directly to tenants. We will use lottery assignment as an instrument for payment of funds and study how such assistance impacts housing and financial stability. For approximately 437,000 participants (37,000 in LA, 400,000 in Houston) in these lotteries, we will collect administrative records. This grant would add survey data collection for a sub-sample of 4,600 people spread across the two locations, measuring detailed indicators of housing stability, financial status, and health.

RFP Cycle:
COVID Recovery and Resilience Initiative (CRRI) RFP I Special Fundin [Oct. 2020]
United States of America
  • David Phillips
  • Rob Collinson
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