Math FUNdations: A Pilot Study

Parental engagement in a child’s learning is a key for academic success; however, especially for low-income families, there are several barriers to its frequency and effectiveness. We propose a small-scale randomized control trial (RCT) pilot of a new intervention, Math FUNdations, which is both a text- and app-based program that aims to inform parents, using simplified language, of the learning standards their children need to meet by the end of fourth grade and also suggests to them how to convey positive emotions while interacting with their children about math. Our intervention describes simple, fun math activities parents can do with their children at home and provides step-by-step resources that help parents make the most of these moments together. After the twelve-week intervention, we will survey parents and assess the effect of the intervention on students’ math grades and test scores. We expect the intervention to decrease the level of parental and student math anxiety and increase the quantity and quality of parental-child engagement at home. This pilot will allow us to do a proof of concept of Math FUNdations and improve the content of the intervention for a larger scaled-up RCT study to be conducted next fall 2023.

RFP Cycle:
SPRI XVII [June 2022]
United States of America
  • Kalena Cortes
  • Pilot project