Measuring the Effect of Emergency Cash Transfers on Household Resilience and Disaster Preparedness in the Philippines

The 2022 disaster risk global index ranked the Philippines first among 193 countries, illustrating the need for programs to support Filipinos impacted by disasters. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) distributes emergency cash transfers (ECT) to disaster-affected households, typically within 1–4 months after the disaster occurs. Researchers will conduct a pilot randomized evaluation to test an anticipatory approach that triggers payment when a typhoon signal four is forecasted by the Philippine weather agency. Expected delivery of anticipatory cash assistance is three days before landfall, up to 100 days earlier than current ECT payout. Researchers will evaluate the impact of the timing of transfers, comparing anticipatory and traditional approaches, on climate resilience outcomes for beneficiaries. DSWD is also interested in digitizing ECT payments. The pilot will utilize the study sample to answer key learning questions about the feasibility of digitization to inform ECT design decisions in the future.

RFP Cycle:
Spring 2023
  • Rachel Pizatella-Haswell
  • Pilot project