Mental Health, Productivity, and Child Investment in Peri-Urban Bangalore

Researchers are piloting an impact evaluation of depression treatment and economic assistance for women in peri-urban communities near Bangalore, India. Poor mental health is a severe problem in developing countries and particularly in peri-urban areas with high rates of migration and low access to basic services. This study will explore whether mental health moderates other important economic behaviors for this vulnerable population. After screening the study population for mild or moderate depression, researchers will cross-randomize depression treatment and economic assistance to study participants. The depression treatment will involve monthly psychiatric consultations and SSRI (anti-depressant) medications. Researchers will provide economic assistance by placing workers in formal-sector jobs in several dozen nearby factories. They will measure impacts on mental health, labor supply, productivity, and child investment over three and six months.

RFP Cycle:
Fall 2014
  • Manuela Angelucci
  • Daniel Bennett
  • Rahul Shidhaye
  • Pilot project