MI Pathways Pilot

Many states have implemented tuition assistance programs to help adults earn credentials that will improve their economic prospects. However, those seeking better employment opportunities also need help identifying the training pathways that lead to their desired careers. Our research team headquartered at the University of Michigan has developed a low-cost intervention that synthesizes information on high-demand, high-wage jobs and local training options. The proposed pilot aims to (1) clarify the types of training information that are most helpful in fostering economic mobility, and (2) offer a scalable model that governments and postsecondary institutions can adapt to disseminate this information. We will use focus group feedback to refine the tool and analyze measures of user engagement in a small-scale (pilot) randomized trial, including time spent on the site, sort/filter actions, number of return visits, and response to a Likert scale question about the site’s usefulness. Results will inform the design of a future, larger RCT.

RFP Cycle:
SLII RFP X [June 2022]
United States of America
  • Kevin Stange
  • Brad Hershbein
  • Bryan Stuart
  • Alexander Wickman Bartik
  • Pilot project