Piloting PROEZA

The government of Paraguay and FAO Paraguay will implement a large-scale conditional cash transfer program for smallholder farmers in the Eastern part of Paraguay, as part of the “Poverty, Reforestation, Energy and Climate Change Project” (PROEZA). The cash transfer is conditional on reforestation practices on private land, either through agroforestry, native or mixed forest restoration, and forest plantations. To support the farmers in their efforts, extension workers will train them on agricultural practices and accompany them throughout the process. Over the course of three years, 17,500 farmers shall be included in the program. Half of the beneficiaries shall belong to indigenous communities.

Low and discontinued participation pose a risk to the success of PROEZA. Pilot research, conducted with the farmers who are offered the program first, will shed light on the participation rates, as well as barriers and facilitators of initial enrollment and continued participation over the first six months. Our mixed-methods approach will combine administrative data with quantitative and qualitative primary data. The aim of this study is to inform the implementing partner about possible program adjustments to reach the overall program goal.

RFP Cycle:
Fall 2020
  • Jyotsna Puri
  • Silvio Daidone
  • Nicholas Sitko
  • Esther Heesemann
  • Martin Prowse
  • Pilot project