Registering Returning Citizens to Vote

Can outreach to people with criminal records -- a hard-to-find group based on traditional data sources -- increase registration and voting behavior for this group? Does the success of such outreach efforts vary across key subgroups? How do these effects compare to effects for a similar population without criminal records? In this study, we will examine whether providing information about voting eligibility and registration to people with criminal records will increase voter registration and turnout among this group. We compile a unique contact list and to conduct a randomized controlled trial, sending mailers and text messages to those assigned to the treatment group. Across all conditions and control groups, we expect a total sample size of 161,000. The primary outcome measures of interest are (1) voter registration, and (2) voter turnout in the November 2020 election.

RFP Cycle:
Crime Off Cycle RFP [2020]
United States of America
  • Jennifer Doleac
  • Ariel White
  • Alison Harris
  • Hannah Walker
  • Laurel Eckhouse
  • Eric Foster-Moore
  • Full project