Self-Sustenance Skills Interventions in a Rohingya Refugee Camp

This project compares two entrepreneurial mindset training interventions (personal initiative training and effectuation training) in their capacity to support the self-sustenance of Rohingya refugees in the Kutupalong refugee camp. It is the first project that directly compares these two promising approaches to foster an entrepreneurial mindset. In a randomized controlled trial (RCT) including 150 individuals in three groups (two training groups and a non-treatment comparison group), we examine the effect of both training programs on refugees’ life prospects, with a particular focus on their ability to be self-supporting. In case of success of this project, we aim to conduct a large scale-up RCT with 2,000 individuals. Our project aims to help governments around the world in their endeavors to support refugees and to enable successful repatriation. It also informs the training literature and training practice by shedding light on promising ways to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in vulnerable populations.

RFP Cycle:
Off-cycle 2023
  • Austin Davis
  • Pursey Heugens
  • Katrin Smolka
  • S.M. Musa
  • Pilot project