Small Enterprise Emergency Financial Assistance (SEEFA) Baseline Top-Up

We are asking for top-up funding for an existing (J-PAL JOI and PEDL funded) experiment that randomizes emergency job retention financial assistance to firms and workers to estimate impacts for firm survival, worker-firm match survival, and labor market outcomes for both firm owners and workers in Ghana's informal sector. These additional funds would primarily facilitate expanded sampling of workers for a six-month retrospective panel that serves as the experimental baseline. These data are both a tool to refine the experiment by facilitating appropriate experimental sample selection and a source of descriptive data for independent analysis. The expanded sample size would allow for heterogeneity analysis across workers within firms, and by gender, industry, geography, and worker characteristics, both in the experiment and in independent analysis of baseline data.

RFP Cycle:
  • Morgan Hardy
  • Jamie McCasland
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