Spreading the Word for Child Health and Immunization in Bangladesh Slums

Children of families that recently migrated to urban slums in Dhaka, Bangladesh suffer high morbidity and mortality from acute respiratory illnesses because of low immunization rates and delays in seeking appropriate health care. Recently relocated families are generally poorer, less-educated, and less knowledgeable about nearby health services than the more residentially stable population. 

This pilot study aims to develop and test an innovative, potentially low-cost intervention in Dhaka slums designed to disseminate knowledge by word-of mouth from residentially stable mothers to newly arrived mothers about nearby immunization centers and pediatric health providers. The study comprises three parts: 1) qualitative research to identify what information is useful to mothers regarding immunization centers and acute health services, 2) developing word-of-mouth communication messages, and 3) iteratively testing whether the intervention increases recently relocated mothers' knowledge of nearby immunization centers and child health clinics.

RFP Cycle:
Spring 2014
  • Stephen Luby
  • Atonu Rabbani
  • Md. Jasim Uddin
  • Pilot project