Training Local Leaders to Prevent and Reduce Domestic Violence in their Communities

There has been little research on the effectiveness of government interventions that aim to reduce and prevent intimate partner violence (IPV) at scale, despite the fact that IPV affects one in three women worldwide. Leaders in Action (LIA), the flagship program of the Peruvian Ministry of Women, is a community-level intervention aimed at changing social norms around IPV in rural areas. The research team and the Peruvian Ministry of Women (MIMP) are currently evaluating two alternative delivery models for LIA: a household-based approach and a group-based approach. This project aims to support the implementation of LIA by assisting with the development of IPV-relevant edutainment media based on interventions proven effective in other settings, while tailoring it to local audiences and incorporating it into the curriculum. Researchers also hope to gain a more comprehensive understanding of program impacts and cost-effectiveness by collecting data to measure the effects of spillovers on norms and behaviors.

RFP Cycle:
Spring 2020
  • Ursula Aldana
  • Javier Romero
  • Livia Schubiger
  • Full project