Waiting Time, Wasting Time: A Randomized Controlled Trial to Investigate the Health Impacts of Improving the Quality of Antenatal Care in Mozambique

Researchers will conduct a pilot of a randomized evaluation in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in Mozambique to determine whether reducing wait times can increase the demand for antenatal care and improve the quality of care. The central hypothesis is that long queues have a negative effect on both demand and quality of care in public clinics in urban Mozambique. The objective of the pilot is to evaluate the impact of a scheduling system for follow-up antenatal care visits with a randomized evaluation to be conducted in clinics in urban and peri-urban Mozambique. Key outcomes will include clinic wait times, the number of patients seen per day, the percentage of women receiving the recommended number of antenatal care visits and the number of key effective interventions that women receive from the recommended national package of antenatal care.

RFP Cycle:
Fall 2015
  • Pilot project