Work and Family: Experiments to Minimize Role Conflicts and Enhance Business Performance among Women Entrepreneurs in Ghana

Business entrepreneurs in general are prone to a myriad of challenges- poor infrastructure, poor business climate, inadequate access to financing, political instability/conflicts, effects of climate change, among others. Women entrepreneurs however tend to face peculiar challenges by virtue of social and cultural norms which predispose women to carry out various unpaid domestic and childcare responsibilities within the household. Existing research suggests an incompatibility between family roles and business expansion among women owned and/or operated businesses. In the proposed pilot, we aim to test whether the provision of couples psychosocial counselling, beyond business training for women entrepreneurs in Ghana, can help to relax cultural constraints to enterprise growth.

RFP Cycle:
  • Nkechi Owoo
  • Edward Asiedu
  • Monica Lambon-Quayefio
  • Pilot project