ATAI Request for Proposals

e-warehousing for smallholder farmers in Kenya


The Agricultural Technology Adoption Initiative (ATAI) is pleased to announce our 2021 Gender and Agricultural Transformation call for proposals. Please find the cover sheet, budget templates, and the request for proposals (RFP) below. 

We ask applicants to review the RFP carefully for detailed instructions on the proposal criteria and application process. Be sure to pay particular attention to the power calculation requirements.  

We look forward to yet another exceptional ATAI competition. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Deadlines and Submission Instructions 

This RFP will be rolling with no deadline for submissions specified at this time. Rolling proposal submissions consist of two stages:

  1. Fill out the required pre-proposal form. We will respond within 3 weeks of form submission to let you know if you are invited to submit a proposal.
  2. Upon receiving an invitation to apply, please read both the relevant Proposal Guideline document and the FAQ documents below in detail before drafting your proposal. Each of the following guidelines documents includes a checklist and links to relevant templates to guide you on how to complete all required submission materials for the specific proposal type. Please email the required proposal materials to [email protected] following the instructions in the associated Proposal Guidelines document. We aim to respond to your proposal within 6-8 weeks after this submission.

Supporting Materials

1. Request for Proposals (RFP) 

ATAI Request for Proposals (RFP): Gender and Agricultural Transformation

2. Proposal Guidelines

Proposal Guidelines: RCTs

Proposal Guidelines: Pilot studies

Proposal Guidelines: Travel/Proposal Development Grant

3. Submission Material Templates

ATAI Proposal Cover Sheet - 2021

RCT Proposal Narrative Template - 2021

Pilot Proposal Narrative Template - 2021

RCT/Pilot Budget Template

ATAI Proposal Development/Travel Grant Budget Template

4. FAQs

How will my proposal be scored? And when will I know whether my proposal was selected for funding?

Proposal Evaluation Process Document 

ATAI Conflict of Interest Policy

What will be required of researchers (and the institution to receive the award) should we be selected for funding (in terms of reporting, deliverables, etc.)?

Award Requirements and Set Up Process

Covid-19 Research Startup Questionnaire

For RCTs only: J-PAL Basic Costing Reporting Template

I’m a graduate student advised by a J-PAL or CEGA affiliated researcher. What else do I need to know to apply?

Guidance for Graduate Student Applicants