ATAI Request for Proposals

e-warehousing for smallholder farmers in Kenya


The Agricultural Technology Adoption Initiative (ATAI) is not currently accepting proposals. We ask applicants to review the RFP carefully for detailed instructions on the applicant eligibility restrictions, proposal guidelines, and application process. To apply for the RFPs, you will first need to register via our online portal.

We look forward to yet another exceptional ATAI competition. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Research Funding Opportunities 

Competitive research funding will be available for full research projects (up to an estimated $500,000) only. We expect to receive proposals that will help us understand how to accelerate the agricultural transformation process. We hope that a subset of proposals received explicitly investigate approaches designed to benefit or empower women. Applicants with a gender-focused approach should choose the gender-focused application on the online portal.

Deadlines and Submission Instructions 

Proposals for funding consist of two stages. 

All J-PAL initiatives, including ATAI, have transitioned to using an online portal for all proposal submissions. To apply to ATAI's RFP, you will first need to register via our online portal. To request an applicant (“grantee”) account for the J-PAL portal, please complete this form and specify which type of account you require. Account creation should not exceed two business days. For further information or troubleshooting, please contact [email protected].

Step 1: Required Letter of Intent

The required letter of intent (LOI) is used to determine research team eligibility, agenda fit, and ensure we are set up to manage the review volume.

  • For more information on research team eligibility, please refer to the RFP document.
  • Once you are logged into the portal, please click here to access ATAI’s LOI.

Step 2: Submit proposal materials

Please follow the next steps outlined in the RFP linked below and complete your proposal materials. 

Supporting Materials 

1. Request for Proposals (RFP) 

Spring 2023 ATAI Request for Proposal

2. Proposal Guidelines

Please note that for the Spring 2023 RFP, you will be asked to complete and submit the questions included in these materials within the online portal.

Proposal Guidelines: RCTs

3. Submission Material Templates 

RCT Budget Template

4. FAQs

How will my proposal be scored? And when will I know whether my proposal was selected for funding?

Proposal Evaluation Process Document 

ATAI Conflict of Interest Policy

What will be required of researchers (and the institution to receive the award) should we be selected for funding (in terms of reporting, deliverables, etc.)?

Award Requirements and Set Up Process

J-PAL Basic Costing Reporting Template (for RCTs only)

I’m a graduate student advised by a J-PAL or CEGA affiliated researcher. What else do I need to know to apply?

Guidance for Graduate Student Applicants

What is your policy on projects located in fragile contexts or countries with active conflict? 

The Board will exercise extra care when assessing projects located in fragile contexts. We will follow MIT’s guidelines for funding and engaging with external organizations. Please ensure that you include all project partners and involved individuals in your ATAI application. 

Additionally, safety for field staff is utmost priority. Please ensure that you thoroughly answer all of the questions related to potential risks in the full application, so the Board can carefully assess your mitigation plans.