ESII Request for Proposals

J-PAL’s European Social Inclusion Initiative (ESII) funds randomized evaluations of programs and policies aimed at improving social inclusion across Europe. J-PAL affiliates, postdoctoral fellows, ESII invited researchers, and PhD students (with support from an advisor who is a J-PAL affiliate or ESII invited researcher) are eligible to apply for pilot, full study and add-on funding. For this RFP round, ESII will allocate a limited amount of funding to support research on social inclusion in Europe.

The complexity and multidimensionality of social exclusion emphasise the need to find effective strategies to promote the inclusion of vulnerable and underserved individuals and communities from the early stages of life to adulthood. The scope of ESII’s IV RFP will thus span across various sectors. Sectors of interest include, but are not limited to, education, labour, health, social protection, and housing. 


Round 4: Open
Open RFP: June 14, 2024
Proposal Deadline: Friday, November 1, 2024
Funding Decisions: Early 2025

Round 3: Closed
Open RFP: Wednesday, 1 June 2022
Proposal Deadline: Friday, 14 October 2022
Funding Decisions: End 2022

Round 2 - Closed
Open RFP: Monday, 15 June 2020
Proposal Deadline: Friday, 30 October 2020
Funding Decisions: December 2020

Round 1 - Closed
Open RFP: Monday, 20 May 2019
Proposal Deadline: Friday, 27 September 2019
Funding Decisions: November 2019 

Target populations

Research funded through ESII’s IV RFP will focus on programmes and policies targeted to individuals suffering from marginalisation and vulnerability (including refugees, migrants, nationals with migrant backgrounds and ethnic minorities, among others), with a particular interest in children and youth.


J-PAL affiliates, J-PAL postdocs, PhD-level J-PAL staff, and ESII invited researchers are eligible to apply for pilots, full studies and add-on survey funding. PhD students, with support from an advisor who is a J-PAL affiliate or ESII invited researcher are also eligible to apply. PhD candidates who have a J-PAL affiliate or invited researcher on their formal thesis committee. PhD candidates are eligible to apply for full evaluation grants and add-on survey funding (up to €50,000) as well as pilot grants.

How much funding is available?

Pilot studies may be awarded up to €50,000. Full RCTs: we are unlikely to be able to fund proposals over €175,000. ESII accepts off-cycle proposals for up to €50,000.

How can I apply?

A complete application for pilots and full studies grants consists of (i) an application form -  which includes a cover sheet and a project narrative; (ii) a timeline, (iii) a budget narrative; (iv) an itemised budget, (v) letters of support from implementing partners, and (vi) a budget letter of support or document from the Institute to Receive Award (ITRA). Please note that the instructions to apply for add-ons are the same as full study instructions.

Please see Application Documents section to download instructions, forms, and templates. Please send your completed RFP package to [email protected].