Gender and Economic Agency Request for Proposals


J-PAL’s Gender and Economic Agency (GEA) Initiative funds randomized evaluations of strategies to enhance women’s economic agency. Competitive research funding will be available for full research projects, pilot studies, and travel/proposal development grants, as well as funding to test and validate metrics of women’s agency.


GEA plans to host four RFPs over the next three years, in addition to an off-cycle COVID-19 RFP. The deadline for GEA's off-cycle COVID-19 RFP has passed. GEA will announce the timeline for future RFPs in the Fall.

Priority Themes

For regular RFP cycles, GEA will focus on developing research on three priority themes: 

  1. Workplace arrangements and labor policies to promote formal and informal employment for women
  2. Enhancing women’s labor potential and work readiness (including self-employment)
  3. Addressing restrictive gender norms and attitudes related to women’s work

Regional Focus

For regular RFP cycles, GEA will prioritize funding in five priority countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Tanzania, and Uganda, and with limited funding available for other countries in East Africa and South Asia. 

Application Materials

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