Post Primary Education Request for Proposals

J-PAL’s Post-Primary Education (PPE) Initiative funds randomized evaluations of strategies to improve access, quality, equity, and relevance of post-primary education throughout low- and middle-income countries. The Initiative has two regular funding cycles per year for full research projects, pilot research projects, travel/proposal development projects, and policy outreach projects that address open questions outlined in the Post-Primary Education Review Paper. Round 14 will be the PPE Initiative’s final funding cycle.


J-PAL affiliates, postdoctoral fellows, and invited researchers are eligible to apply for all categories of funding. Graduate students who have a J-PAL affiliate on their thesis committee at their host university are eligible to apply for up to $50,000 for full research projects, pilot research projects, and travel/proposal development projects. J-PAL regional offices are eligible to apply for policy outreach projects without a J-PAL affiliate as a collaborator.

The PPE Initiative welcomes a full range of proposals related to the focus areas outlined on pages 2-4. Based on evidence gaps, we particularly welcome strong proposals in the following areas:

  • Effective pedagogies at the post-primary level, taking into consideration the greater complexity of material taught and the qualifications required to teach it;
  • Innovations in delivery of core curriculum at the post-primary level, including basic math, science, and language education;
  • The use of information and communication technology (ICT) for student learning or teacher training at the post-primary level;
  • Private school programs and programs focused on school governance and teacher selection/development at the post-primary level;
  • Policies to reduce the gender gaps in education participation and completion that emerge in the years of post-primary education; and
  • Longer-term impacts of programs designed to improve post-primary education.

Proposal Timeline

The PPE Initiative PPE RFP 14 is now closed. The PPE Initiative is also is no longer accepting COVID off-cycle proposals. 

Please email Priyanka Varma, PPE Initiative Manager, at [email protected] with any questions.