Social Incubation Process

General Information

JOI Brazil seeks to establish partnerships to technically strengthen impact evaluations by building the capacity of governments, international agencies, foundations, civil society organizations, and companies. All the social incubation from JOI Brazil is free of charge and aims to contribute to the generation of concrete results and clear recommendations on policies that really work. The tools necessary to consume and generate rigorous evidence will be provided by the JOI Brazil team to decision-makers, donors, funders, and policy and social program makers. 

What is the Social Incubation Process?

The social incubation of JOI Brazil has the ultimate goal of supporting organizations to develop an evaluation proposal that can be funded through JOI. For this, organizations that are developing innovative work in the area are selected and invited to join forces with JOI Brazil to produce impact evaluations. We seek to stimulate the generation of new research through technical assistance in the development of evaluation and monitoring plans and in conducting randomized impact evaluations. This pioneering, unique, and innovative model strengthens the impact evaluation culture in the labor market sector in Brazil. 



Target Audience

The social incubation of JOI is open to any organization interested in conducting impact evaluations of its policies, programs and projects whose themes are part of the priority issues of JOI Brazil. The social incubation has as target audience institutions that operate in Brazil, such as:

  • Government: national, state or municipal levels
  • 3rd Sector Organizations: NGO, OSC, Foundation, Association
  • Companies and startups
  • Business of social impact

Calendar of the First Social Incubation Cycle

The dates below refer to the first cycle. Cycles are annual. Dates are subject to change without notice.

Mapping Event (Webinar) November 4, 2021 Stage 1 of 3 is complete.
Registration for capacity building workshop November 4, 2021 – to January 12, 2022 Programs enrolled in the social incubation.
Notification of capacity building workshop selection results January 13, 2022 Programs selected to attend the capacity-building workshop.
Capacity building workshop January 17–21, 2022 Progress on Monitoring Plan and Theory of Change. Stage 2 of 3 is complete.
Invitation for the technical assistance From January 31, 2022 Programs invited to participate in the technical assistance.
Notification of technical assistance participants Scheduled for February, 2022 Programs selected to participate in technical assistance.
Technical assistance Scheduled to start in February 2022 Impact evaluation strategy designed. Delivery of a narrative on the contribution of social incubation to the design of your evaluation. Stage 3 of 3 is complete.


Mapping Event (Webinar)

The JOI Brazil team held the webinar "Consistent evidence and best practices in evaluation: Meet JOI Brazil and be part of the J-PAL impact evaluation process" on November 4, 2021 (entirely in Portuguese). The goal was to explain the work of the initiative and to engage actors interested in innovative solutions in the labor market area to participate in the social incubation process. At the end of the event, the organizations interested in participating in the social incubation were presented with the application form for the capacity building workshop, whose registration is open from November 4 to January 12. The results will be announced on January 13, 2022.

Capacity-building Workshop

The capacity-building workshop will take place from January 17–21, with two hours per day, totaling ten hours. The objective is to train the participants in relation to the design and implementation of rigorous impact assessments. By the end of the workshop, each organization will have made progress in building its impact evaluation proposal (also called a Concept Note). The workshop will be delivered by the J-PAL and JOI Brazil teams. Interested organizations can fill out the registration form, which is open from November 4 to January 12. The results will be published on January 13, 2022.

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Technical Assistance

JOI Brazil will provide technical assistance to finalize impact evaluation proposals from the selected organizations. This support will be customized and free of charge and will take place in February 2022. The objective of the technical assistance is to analyze design options and research questions that will serve as input to maximize the chances of the successful applicants receiving funding from JOI Brasil. Organizations will be invited by the JOI Brazil team starting January 31, 2022.

Request for Proposal (RFP)

JOI Brazil funds randomized impact evaluations that address pressing issues in the Brazilian labor market.  Every project submitted to the call for proposals must be submitted by at least one researcher from the J-PAL network, who will also participate in the study. The initiative opens two calls for proposals per year and, in order to apply, it is not necessary that the proposal has gone through the social incubation process. J-PAL affiliated researchers, J-PAL post-docs, as well as faculty invited by JOI Brazil and/or the J-PAL LAC office are eligible to apply. The calls will fund RCTs, pilot projects, and seed grants for proposal development. PhD students, with the written support of a researcher affiliated with the J-PAL network or a researcher invited by JOI Brazil, are also eligible to apply. Applications are momentarily closed.

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