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Claudia Macías

Associate Director of Policy, J-PAL Latin America & the Caribbean

Claudia Macías is Associate Director of Policy at J-PAL Latin America & Caribbean, which she joined in July of 2013. She is responsible for promoting evidence-based policy by building relationships with key partners and providing technical assistance to policymakers for the scale-up and replication of projects demonstrated effective by J-PAL evaluations. Claudia has experience in the design, implementation, and evaluation of social programs. She worked for three years in the Secretariat of Social Development in Mexico, designing and revising programs that were focused on infrastructure, housing, community participation, and slum upgrading. Claudia implemented and coordinated research projects while working for Fundación IDEA and C230 Consultores, a Mexican think-tank and its affiliated public policy consultancy firm. She also served as an intern for India Urban Space Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Bangalore, India. Claudia holds a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University and a BA in Economics from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM).